about us
Sumsum is a brand of your favorite Middle Eastern staples seasoned with family warmth. Every day, we cook fresh hummus and bake pita bread for whose who’ve been loving them since childhood and want to keep enjoying their taste away from home.
Natural ingredients and respect to traditions are in the heart of everything we do
For Sumsum tahini, we use only premium grade Humera sesame seeds with a delicate nutty aroma. And our hummus is cooked the same way it had been made for centuries before us: fine chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and no preservatives or artificial flavors whatsoever. It’s a pure taste that’s been passed down for generations.
Sumsum’s hummus is 30% tahini

We don’t skimp on sesame paste so that we can achieve the same perfectly balanced taste and incredibly creamy texture you can only find in true Israeli dips

We are a family company with Israeli heritage
Our Sumsum journey started with a desire to stay in touch with our home after moving to Ukraine and keep enjoying our favorite food even here. After we couldn’t find hummus that would be as creamy and delicious as the one we ate back home, we decided to create our own. Soon, we expanded our range to include other traditional foods we missed here so much.
Sumsum’s factory is located in Kriukivshchyna village near Kyiv

It’s a modern facility with top tier equipment, inspired staff and a thorough quality control system. Here, we soak and grind chickpeas, make hummus, and bake our pitas to have them delivered to you fresh every day.

Sumsum means sesame in Hebrew

This name embodies the essence of what we do and reflects our core values:

  • thousands of tiny seeds we use in our products;

  • thousand little things we control so our hummus remains as delicious as we originally intended;

  • thousands of friends and like minds united by the love for the world’s best food!

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