For those who know...
Hummus, tahini, and pita from a family company.
Classic recipes and the finest ingredients for those who know the true taste of Middle Eastern cuisine
Tastes like home
Tastes like home

Sumsum is a Ukrainian brand with Israeli roots.

Every day, we produce authentic Israeli hummus and other Levantine staples so you can enjoy your favorite food even when away from home.

Our Story
Hummus, tahini, and pita that make our ancestors proud
Classic Hummus

Classic Israeli hummus with no added preservatives. Creamy texture and delicate flavor thanks to a carefully balanced composition and high content of sesame paste made of premium grade Humera seeds.

Contents: sesame paste 30%, chickpeas 25%, lemon juice 9%, water

Traditional Hummus

Variation of our Classic Hummus with a pinch of garlic. A little bit of spicy kick in an otherwise unchanged combination of the finest chickpeas, premium grade tahini, lemon juice and a drop of water.

Contents: sesame paste 30%, chickpeas 25%, lemon juice 9%, garlic, water


Indispensable companion to hummus at your table. Soft flatbread with air pocket you can stuff with various fillings. Oven baked and packaged in handy packs of five: a perfect choice for a family or a small group.

Contents: premium flour, yeast, water, salt, sugar


Sesame paste made of premium grade Humera seeds. Key ingredient of Israeli cuisine. Can be used as a dip, a base for your sauce or a salad dressing.

Contents: 100% premium grade white Humera sesame seeds

Middle Eastern cuisine has no limits. Join sumsum_ua in exploring its treasures.
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